Store Policy

Customer Care

SUMSTYLIN Boutique x Opp Att Designs. Shop vintage and timeless styles and handcrafted earrings. The brand is all about being bold everyday, no matter the occasion or time of day.

All customer accounts information is stored when you create an account. This information  will not be used outside the website.

Thank you for your services. 

Privacy & Safety

Wix platform and my store will collect data to help understand our customers.  This information is collected when accounts are created, transactions (purchases, returns, refunds, etc.), purchase history, tracking a purchase, and addresses. This information is collected automatically when you create an account. Your personal information will not be shared and protected for your safety. 

Wholesale Inquiries

If you are interested in my products and would like to sell in your store please read the following.


Yes. Email,, a contract/form stating earrings will be used for resale purposes, store location, phone number, email, persons of contact, llc/resale permit/business license.


Information will not be shared outside of this website. 


The business will be able to shop for 10-15 styles at a wholesale price. 

Persons will checkout normally, but will use a code to receive the wholesale price. 

Payment Methods

-Credit / Debit Cards (Online  transaction)

- Credit / Debit Cards/Chips (Square POS at pop up events)
- PAYPAL (Online transaction)

- Offline Payments (Cash-Pop up events)



-Cash (In-Person ONLY)

Body End Code